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Set-Up Wednesday, April 27We set up our Pit Area and then had a team dinner at Shlafly Tap Room. A few more practices of our presentations, and finally time to swim.

Day 1 Competition - Thursday, April 28
What a busy amazing incredible day. The team did an outstanding job with all of their presentations and judging. So many other teams to meet and pits to visit and buttons/loot to get. We were on our feet moving from one thing to the next all day. Our two robot practice matches were okay - hoping for better results tomorrow. The opening ceremony performance of the Men in Black was a big hit! The boys broke into spontaneous performance all the way home on the Metrolink. Everyone is exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. More later...

Day 2 Competition Friday, April 29
We had three robot matches today. Our first match ended up being our highest score of 280. This is the best we have ever scored in competition. The boys were a little disappointed with the quirky errors that prevented us from reaching that 300 point barrier. They all had great attitudes all day and were able to enjoy swimming and an amazing crazy adventure at the City Museum - a big kid's ideal playground.

Day 3 Awards & Celebration Saturday, April 30