My name is Harrison Gingerich. This is my third year in Lego Robotics. I am going to tell you about the Core Values. The Core values are a set of standards, set by FLL, that teams must follow to succeed in Lego Robotics. They include:
  • We are a team.
  • We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
  • We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
  • What we discover is more important than what we win.
  • We share our experiences with others.
  • We display Gracious Professionalism in everything we do.
  • We have fun.

In order to succeed at Lego Robotics, our team must demonstrate these core values. At competition, judges are secretly watching you at all times to see if you are displaying the core values. You might think that the hardest one for us to carry out is, what we discover is more important than what we win. But, if we see how another team might improve the programming of their robot; we tell them, we don't keep it to ourselves, hoping that we'll do better than them. We had the chance to help several teams at competition, and the chance to learn from other teams too. In honoring the spirit of friendly competition, we congratulate the other teams when they do well. Gracious Professionalism is a term used for skillful and creative people who show courteous kindness and humbleness to their teammates, coaches, judges, and all other teams. The easiest core value for our team to display is, to have fun.