1) Introduction ~ Ian
We are the MRI's. This year we decided to embrace the core values into everything we do. Our shirts and buttons were designed to show them off and even our talent show is a song that explains the core values. Without the core values we probably wouldn't be here now.

2) Discovery ~ Greg
This year we discovered a lot about prosthetics, including facts that will help us make healthier choices. We also learned a bunch of new computer programs like Google Sketch-up for CAD design, i-Movie & Garage Band for our talent show, Keynote for presentations and a Wiki website.

3) Inclusion ~ Jack
This year we wanted to ensure that every team member got to share their ideas and contribute to all areas of lego robotics. We recognize that each person has different strengths and sharing those made us more effective. If I have a strength, then I try to teach and help others in that area. But, the best thing about our team, is that we have a lot of fun!

4) Integration ~ Tristan
We have integrated core values into areas outside FLL. In school we have learned to manage our work and have improved as speakers. In sports we are better teammates and show respect to others whether we win or lose. In the community we worked hard through fund raising, presentations and by hosting a fancy dinner.

5) Coopertition ~ Harrison
At competition we feel that we are really just competing against ourselves to do our best. This makes it easy to reach out and make friends with other teams. We have given assistance to rookie teams by explaining our robot design and programs. We received help from others to make improvements to our light sensors and from the past Oregon champions in many ways to help prepare for Worlds.

6) Community & Conclusion ~ Ryan
Finally something that makes our team special is how we have worked to build community. Locally we presented to many organizations and shared at several schools. We even took a trip to the state capital to promote FLL to our legislators. Globally we connected with teams around the world by creating an interactive map that allowed to us to share ideas and even plan an international performance as the Men in Black, the Core Value Defenders.