Thanks for your votes!

Check out our team submission for the Global Innovation Award. You can even vote for our submission, the Sensor Sock, to receive the $20,000 prize towards a patent and prototype. We know that our invention would greatly benefit both those who fit and wear prosthesis.

Our project, the Sensor Sock came from interviews with CPOs, certified prosthetist orthotists and a young boy who has a prosthetic leg. It is based on fitting prosthetic limbs. The first step in fitting a prosthetic socket is taking a cast of the person's stump. Next, the CPO makes a test socket from the cast, that is were our project comes in. Normally the prosthetist would use the test socket to make adjustments based on observations and feedback from the patient. Using the Sensor Sock will help the CPO with its pressure grid sensors which will send information that is displayed in a specialized CAD program via bluetooth. This 3D model of the socket will be color coded to give the CPO valuable information to adjust the fit of the actual socket. The sensor sock will revolutionize the prosthetic fitting process, make it more accurate, less time consuming, and less painful.

The FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award is designed to get FLL teams excited about further developing their Body Forward Projects. The X PRIZE Foundation, our award sponsor, is generously awarding up to $20,000 (USD) to one (1) winning team so they can file a US patent, create a prototype and get it on its way to becoming one of those “can’t live without it” inventions.

A panel of expert judges will select a single winner and two runners-up based on the following criteria:

• Relation to the FLL Challenge
• Feasibility
• Originality/Creativeness
• Efficiency: Simplicity/cost-effectiveness
• Public benefit

Thank you to all who voted for our teams invention! We placed 75th over all (that is great) We really appreciate your suppor. Thanks,
The MRIs