My name is Tristan Oakes and this is my second year in Lego Robotics. I’m going to tell you all about the Robot Missions, which is sometimes called the robot game. The mission are tasks that the robot goes out and does on a board that is covered with a mat. The objects on the board are all made from legos. There are of 20 missions on the board that can give you a total of 400 points. The robot must always start in base, which is a small square in the corner of the board. It will go out from base and push, pull, drop, grab, deliver, and more in order to earn points. It can return to base for a new program or to add attachments. If you touch the robot outside of base it is a touch penalty, which is minus 5 points. The robot has 2 and half minutes to complete as many missions as possible during competition.

Each team receives a kit at the beginning of the season with the mat for the board and pieces needed to build all of the missions. All of the tasks on the board this year are medical tasks. For example, the robot goes out and sets a broken bone and then places a cast on top of the fracture. It also must dispense pills correctly and deliver a cardiac patch to the heart.
To do the missions you have to program the robot, it is not controlled with a remote control. Everything the robot does on the board is programmed before competition on the computer and then downloaded to the robot.
This video shows our robot performing all of the tasks that we programmed.