Receiving "Prototype" at Summit Orthotics
Quotes about our research project and solution, the Sensor Sock:

"I think this is brilliant. My dad has an artificial leg (since 1969) and the technology has been slow-going. It's gone from the old wooden leg that gave him a huge swinging gait to a C-Leg (Computer Chip Leg) that allows his prosthetic leg to come completely under him as he walks, giving him a more natural walk. This sounds very promising, I love it. "
Mrs. Perrin, Ninety-One School
Hubbard, Oregon

"I have a good friend who is a prosthetic specialist for the VA in Seattle. He has an artificial leg also and that’s why he got into the field. What a cool idea. I voted for you for the Global Innovation award and will try to do it each day."
Brenda Sargent, Educational Technologist
Keslo, Washington