State Competition

State Competition is where you go after you compete in the Regional Tournament. When we competed we went against teams all around Oregon. There are from first to sixth place prizes for over all. There are also first through fourth prizes for the Project, Teamwork, missions, and Technical/ Robot Design. While we were waiting for the scores the creator of the FLL map gave a challenge to the crowd. He challenged some one from the crowd in a Rubik's cube race. The person that took up the challenge got a ten second start. It turned out a fraction of a second after the Challenger finished the Creator finished.

When the results came in we felt bad about it. We thought we did OK for every scoring area except Robot Missions. We got the worst points we have gotten during the competition. Well we must of done outstanding in every other area because guess what, our team won the State Competition. We were all very surprised to figure out, but that shows do bad in one area you still got a shot.