Talent Show - Men in Black
Collaborate on lyrics on wiki
Record individual voices
Record Group Voices
Add Slides

Core Values Poster - create tri-fold
and 2 min presentation
brainstormed sections

Project - Add new visuals and X prize, print new visuals for tri-fold, practice

Missions - Practice putting all robot work together and tighten transitions, check time

Review and rework programs with new motor
Work in pairs to try robot with section
All sections reviewed by pairs
Create Lego Robotics Informational Presentation for Community
Each team member writes part
Completed and presented to Rotary, Chamber, School, Benefit Dinner
Create and Order Buttons for Worlds
Harrison Re-created Wordle for buttons
Ordered from Purebuttons.com
Complete Google Map of World Festival Teams
Ryan completed USA
Harrison completed World
Completed and posted to FLLWF Discussion Board
Get Oregon Brochures for Pit
Greg will contact Travel Oregon this week
Greg and mom will pick up
Advertise/Promote Burgerville Night
PTA, Church, School, Rotary, Emails
Rebuild Light Sensor on Robot
Getting there; raised on test robot
Ian rebuilt robot with new motor and raised sensor
Design Pit Area
met with High school students for backdrop
Grandma sewed cover
Signs and Wheels painted
All maerials ready to go in car to St. Louis
Sign and Mail Thank You Cards as Needed
in progress
all thank yous sent
Apply for X prize
Ryan wrote up description of project
Completed by Ryan and emailed out to all friends and family