What is Lego Robotics?

We are the MRIs the Medical Robotic Inventors, a Lego Robotics team and my name is Jack Bigej. This is my second year doing Lego Robotics. Lego Robotics is a program for 9 -14 year olds to have an opportunity to learn about science and technology and to develop valuable employment and life skills. FIRST LEGO League, or FLL, is the official name of the operating organization. There are about 15,000 FLL teams in over 50 countries around the world.

Lego Robotics starts out as people who decide to come together and form a team. This year our team consists of six boys from Ninety-One school, and we have two coaches, who are parents. Each year FLL has a different lego robotics theme like the environmental issues or transportation efficiency. This year the theme is Bio-Medical Engineering. All teams build a robot from legos and then go to a competition. The scoring for competition is split into four independent areas,Robot Missions, Robot Design, Research Project and Teamwork. We participate in each of these areas in turn during a competition.

During the Robot Missions our robot moves around on a table completing special tasks, which Tristan will tell you about later. Robot Design judging is when you show the judges how many sensors you use and how complex your missions are, which Ian will tell you about. We also do a Research Project in line of the theme for the year, which Greg will tell you more about as well. Then there is a Teamwork element in which the team completes an unknown task to evaluate their teamwork abilities. Stay tuned to hear Ryan tell you about that. Last but not least, there are the Core Values. These are the attitudes you show toward each other and other teams. One thing to remember though is the reason we do Lego Robotics, not for the rewards of winning, but for the opportunity to learn, meet new people, and most of all to have fun.